Apr 17, 2018

Cybercrime & Security- Understanding & Responding to Risk


Edited: Apr 17, 2018

Hello all, we at SAR Consultancy have been hosting the Irish Security Series, which takes the form of Panel Discussions on security related topics. Our next event is on the 3rd of May at the Royal Irish Academy. It might be of interest to come of you. We have three great speakers on the panel, which should make for a very interesting discussion. Events are free but seats must be booked in advanced, due to limited capacity. Bookings can be make through the link below. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/irish-security-series-6-cybercrime-and-cybersecurity-understanding-and-responding-to-the-risks-tickets-44974685495


An excellent event this evening Sheelagh. The presentations from Paul, John & Seamus certainly provided an eye-opening insight into Cyber Crime & Security from 3 totally different perspectives. Their expert knowledge certainly opened the door to many questions. Looking forward to no 7 in the series. Highly recommend. John

May 4, 2018

Thank you John, glad you found it useful. It is also great to see so many experienced people in the room too. It really adds to the discussion. Looking forward to seeing you at future events.

New Posts
  • Hi All, at our recent committee meeting of 1/7 inst> the draw for the Chicago GSX ticket took place. we are pleased to announce this years recipient is John Murphy CPP from Stripe. Congratulations John. The secretary will post minutes of the meeting in due course. best regards John Chapter Chair.
  • Our 12th ISS event is on the 27 March 2019, it may be of interest to some members. The panel will discuss the issue of kidnap and hostage situations. Chubb estimate that approximately 8000 kidnappings occur worldwide annually, resulting in global takings of $500m. Given such figures, kidnappings are often perceived to relate largely to high value individuals and high risk locations. However, while acknowledging that there has been an increase in kidnapping over the last six years in some of the world’s most dangerous territories, the rest of the world is not immune. For example, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in Ireland, 1318 kidnappings and related incidents occurred between 2007 and 2017, peaking in 2015 with 153 incidents. That said, official statistics are not always accurate given that many kidnapping incidents are managed privately with no official interventions. Our panel will discuss this issue looking at aspects such as managing incidents, responses and negotiations. Book your seat at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/irish-security-series-12-managing-kidnap-and-hostage-situations-tickets-57713181680?aff=erelexpmlt
  • We are hosting our 11th event on the 27th of February at the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) on the topic of Prison Radicalisation. We would love to see some more ASIS members there. Book your seat at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/irish-security-series-11-prison-radicalisation-certainty-or-rarity-tickets-55447677496?aff=erelexpmlt There is a common perception that prisons are ‘schools of crime’ and in the context of extremism, schools of radicalisation. But how true is this assumption, especially given than prison design, culture and management differ so significant across the globe. Can theories of absolute certainty really stand up to scrutiny in this case? While some still argue radicalisation within prisons is a guaranteed consequence of imprisonment, more critical analysts and academics argue that prison radicalisation is more the exception than the rule. Furthermore, they argue that even if individuals are radicalised in prison it is even rarer that they are recruited into a terrorist group. Our panel will discuss this issue from this critical perspective, drawing on first-hand experience interviewing prison inmates.

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