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ESRM Initiative – Message to Chapters and Councils

In 2016, the ASIS Board of Directors determined that Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) would be a driving underlying force in the global ASIS, International strategic plan. The stated goal of the board was “to make ASIS members more effective security professionals and more valuable members of their organizations by enabling them to better identify and manage the various aspects of security risks they face… [leading to a] empowered membership, safer enterprises, a more strategic approach to risk, and a more cost-effective security function​”. This project will enable that strategic vision through a systematic integration of ESRM principles in ASIS content and education, standards and guidelines, marketing and messaging, certifications, and member support tools.

To learn more, please click through the slideshow below or download the full PDF document.

Download ESRM preso for Councils and Chapters.pdf

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