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2022 New Year Message from the Chair Patrick Nolan CPP, PSP.

May I take this opportunity to wish each member a happy and prosperous new year.

I would like to thank you for electing me to the position of chair, and my co-committee members, Paul Kellett to Vice-Chair, Finbarr McCarthy to Secretary, and Damian McDonough to Treasurer.

We have accepted these positions in the knowledge that:

➢Our service to the membership is voluntary.

➢We will ensure that inclusion and connectivity for all members are at the foundation of everything we do.

➢We will advance networking, professional development, and mentoring opportunities for the current and next generation of ASIS International leaders within our chapter.

➢We will, in all our dealings as members of this committee, advance the vision, mission, and objectives of ASIS International.

2021 has been a turbulent year for many of us, and COVID-19 continues to place restrictions on our businesses and affect our daily lives. I look forward to meeting with you all at our next event in 2022, which will take place either online or in-person as Government COVID-19 restrictions allow.

In the interim, this is the first of four-chapter newsletters your 2022 committee will bring to you, to keep you abreast of news from ASIS International, and how your committee is working for the benefit of the members.

As a precursor to the commencement of my term as chapter chair, I was invited to an online meeting with Eric Davoine, ASIS Regional Vice President (RVP) with responsibility for our Chapter (216). As RVP Eric has responsibility for several chapters within his region (9A), including Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and the Benelux countries. Eric reports directly to Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP, Chair of the European Regional Board of Directors (ERBD).

Both Eric and Erik have a keen interest in the continued success of the Irish Chapter, and as soon as Covid restrictions allow, would like to visit Ireland to meet with you all and to present at one of our networking events in 2022. In particular, the European Regional Board of Directors would like to discuss with us opportunities to further the implementation of the ASIS STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2024. I have attached a copy of the plan in Appendix 1 for your information and will also upload a copy to the member’s area of the ASIS Ireland webpage.

Eric shared his knowledge and experience of working within region 9A as our Regional Vice President for the past number of years. During the discussions, Eric requested a status update on our Chapter for December 2021 and an indication of practicable and achievable objectives proposed for 2022, which will benefit the membership.

Following discussions between the office of the European Regional Board of Directors and the office of the Regional Vice President over the Christmas break, the RVP saw merit in your committee communicating directly with each member of the Irish chapter to re-emphasize the mission and objectives of ASIS International and the benefits this brings to each member of our organisation:

➢ ASIS International (ASIS) is a global network of 34,000 passionate individual security professionals who together are driving industry standards and guidelines, providing specialized training, and certifications to advance security worldwide. The vision of ASIS is to be the recognized leader in advancing security worldwide. The mission of ASIS is to promote excellence and leadership in the security management profession.

➢ Standard membership of ASIS implies that the individual either holds, aspires to hold, or has held a position of leadership in the security management profession.

➢ The four distinct ASIS certification programs are recognized worldwide as a mark of excellence in security management and are the only professional development programs actively promoted by ASIS International to its membership

➢ There is no provision for membership of ASIS International by commercial entities or special interest groups representing industry or suppliers.

➢ The license for the use of the registered name of ASIS International or any abbreviation thereof in any country where an ASIS chapter exists is owned by ASIS International. All ASIS chapters must operate for the benefit of the membership in full alignment with the vision, mission, and current strategic plan of ASIS International.

➢ ASIS International has put in place several strategic alliances with external organisations in furtherance of the vision, mission, and objectives of ASIS International. These strategic alliances build bridges with the external organisations for one sole purpose; to advance the vision, mission, and objectives of ASIS International.

The RVP went on to discuss a number of initiatives his office will explore for the benefit of chapter members during 2022 through English as the official language of ASIS within our region.

ASIS Strategic Plan 2020-2024.

Download PDF • 177KB

The RVP office is keen that our chapter adapts the Strategic Plan as a framework for professional development for the membership. The plan focuses on four key areas where ASIS International, through the chapter network can promote excellence and leadership in the security management profession and confirm ASIS’s position as the recognised leader advancing security worldwide.

The Four Key Areas include:

➢ Accelerating Digital Transformation: ASIS will be an industry leader in building security knowledge about digital transformation.

➢ Achieving Recognition for the Profession: The practice of security will be recognized as a profession rooted in standards, guidelines, certification, and research.

➢ Elevating the Security Function to influence Organizational Success: ASIS has positioned the security risk function to be an essential contributor to organizational success.

➢ Serving Global Needs: ASIS is recognized as the trusted resource globally

The potential benefits to individual members are too many to discuss in a newsletter format and a separate communication on this initiative will follow.

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM).

The RVP office is also keen that as a network of security professionals we promote the ESRM standard as a vehicle to work with business owners and the senior executive team to create a holistic security program that supports the organisation’s mission, goals, and objectives. An ESRM certification course is available and successful completion of the course and passing of the exam awards a certificate of competency, demonstrating the knowledge and skills essential to ESRM. A separate communication on this initiative will follow.

Networking Opportunities.

In addition to the current online and in-person networking opportunities each chapter currently provides for its membership, the RVP’s office is keen to explore international networking opportunities within all the chapters comprising Region 9A.

This initiative intends to provide members access to networking events held by other chapters within region 9A thereby giving members access to security knowledge, expertise, and networking opportunities not currently available solely from the Irish chapter.

In a world of multinational collaboration, the potential benefits to individual members of international networking opportunities are too many to discuss in a newsletter format and a separate communication on this initiative will follow.

Professional Development Opportunities.

The RVP’s office is also keen to promote professional development opportunities for the chapter membership across all chapters within region 9A.

Currently, individual chapters provide professional development opportunities to their members through both online and in-person learning, with a mix of exam preparation delivered by approved external providers and in-house study-group supports.

English is the medium used to deliver training supports provided to members across all chapters within region 9A. With this initiative, there is now an opportunity to provide cost-effective online professional development training to the Irish membership by linking into the training structures provided by our fellow chapters and vice-versa.

Again, the potential benefits to the Irish chapter are too many to discuss in a newsletter format and a separate communication on this initiative will also follow.


Irish Chapter News.


We are very proud that the membership of our chapter as of December 2021 stands just shy of 200 members. In terms of population demographics and comparison figures across European chapters, Ireland is now deemed as one of the largest ASIS International chapters in Europe. This is a phenomenal achievement considering the membership of our chapter as of December 2019 stood at 120 members.

With such rapid success come responsibilities, and we, the chapter must ensure that the expectations of all the current membership, both new and long-standing, are realised within the framework of the vision, mission, and strategy of ASIS International.

Here again, the opportunities and constraints associated with being individual security professionals in an industry with finite networking, development, and advancement opportunities on the island of Ireland are too many to discuss in a newsletter format and a separate communication on membership benefits and challenges will also follow.

Strategic Alliances with External Organisations.

The 2021-chapter committee brought forward a series of innovative initiatives during their term of office.

These initiatives included a series of MOUs with three external organisations and the Irish Chapter of ASIS International.

➢ SAR Consultancy Ltd.

The Institute of Strategic Risk Management- Irish Chapter

International Foundation of Protection Officers- Irish Chapter

The MOUs with the three external organisations above have subsequently been reviewed by both the office of ASIS European Regional Board of Directors, (ERBD) and the office of ASIS Regional Vice President (RVP) and they have determined that the MOUs in their current wording could potentially expose both ASIS International and the Irish Chapter to

charges of data protection breach (GDPR), and are considered not in full alignment with the vision, mission, and objectives of ASIS International.

As your 2022 chair, I have been requested to communicate with each of the three organisations concerned and to inform them that the MOUs will be rewritten to fully reflect the vision, mission, and objectives of ASIS International and ensure that our organisation will not be exposed to any potential breach of GDPR in the future. The MOUs will then be reissued to each organisation for their consideration and signature.

Ethnic/Gender Diversity & Women in Security.

While the security industry in Ireland has made progress with ethnic/gender diversity, there is still a long way to go to ensure equal opportunities for both women and people of different ethnic backgrounds within our industry and closing the opportunities and skills gap must be a priority. Worldwide, women security professionals now represent 20 percent of the workforce, according to industry sources. Equally, people of different ethnic backgrounds deserve equality of opportunity.

We as security professionals must promote equal opportunities for both women and people of different ethnic backgrounds in our chapter networking and professional development events.

Here again, the opportunities for our chapter of this initiative are too many to discuss in a newsletter format and a separate communication on benefits and challenges will also follow.

ASIS Ireland Chapter 2022 Calendar.

Your committee will be meeting in the coming week to discuss our program of networking and professional development events and opportunities proposed for 2022.

Areas of particular interest, include exploration of ways we can make better use of online technology and the ASIS Ireland Webpage to communicate chapter news and events to you the members, and also provide links to the other chapter webpages within region 9A. to allow us to access professional development, exam preparation and networking opportunities throughout the region.

Other areas include how our chapter can adapt and implement the ASIS STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2024, and how the plan can bring benefits to our chapter.

The mentoring and professional development of Young Professionals will be a central focus of your committee in 2022.

Our industry needs young professionals with fresh and innovative minds to reframe the security function as a business force multiplier department so that the organization views security as a profit centre—not a cost centre. Within our industry, an individual’s attitude, discipline, ethics, and a positive mindset are qualities as important as their degree or technical qualification—if not more important. Young professionals with these traits who develop the skills of communication, leadership, and problem solving, can expect their careers to grow exponentially. The ASIS Enterprise Security Risk Management guidelines provide a framework for the achievement of these objectives.

We will also discuss the composition of several sub-committees and external liaisons, including:

➢ The Networking & Professional Development Sub-Group.

➢ The Young Professionals Sub-Group.

➢ The Ethnic/Gender Diversity & Women in Security Sub-Group.

➢ Chapter Sponsorship Sub-Group.

➢ Garda Siochana Liaison.

➢ Military Liaison.

Your willingness to support the chapter through volunteering on one of the above committees is needed and, as in the past, is the cornerstone of our chapter’s success,

If you wish to volunteer with the chapter or you have any suggestions, feedback, comments or ideas that you think will benefit the chapter and our members, please email at


This newsletter is longer than future issues, however, I felt it is important that you have full transparency and clarity of how your elected committee members intend to manage your chapter throughout 2022.

Patrick Nolan CPP, PSP

Chapter Chair 2022

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